The famous trivia game has a new heroic version.

To the Epic and beyond!

The characters of Trivia Crack have entered a new and mysterious world and have become Heroes. Collect Champions and play in real time to win medals. Get ready to have some fun!


Of course! You’ll find them on the field. If you answer correctly, you will be able to reload the energy bar faster and use more Champions to crush your opponents. Genius!

Which is the largest bone in the human body?



Epic like you wouldn't expect

The extraordinary is another view of the ordinary. And it can be ridiculous.


Epic Features

Choose your favorite Trivia Crack character as your avatar and put a team of Champions together. Enter the Stadium with your loyal fighters and make them vaporize your opponent’s Energy Shield. You will find beauty in tearing things apart. More destruction equals more victories, which means more medals, more Champions, more Stadiums… and plenty of envy coming your way. That’s what glory does!

Real time

Compete against other players in real time.


Level your Champions up to perfection.


Win medals and gain access to a better League.


The classic family drawing game has gone digital! Try out different game modes, unlock new tools and characters, and discover surprises with every tap of the screen. This dynamic version of Pictionary™ brings a whole new meaning to 'finger painting'!


Real-Time Challenges

With two game modes to choose from, you can take your time creating masterpieces in Turn-Based mode or step up your game in a real-time, 2 vs. 2 challenge! Whether you're guessing or drawing, you won't want to take your eyes off the screen for a second and risk losing the coveted prize chest!

Prize Chests

Each time you guess correctly, you earn a prize chest. Fill your Dashboard with them and discover what's hidden inside! Use the prizes to upgrade your tools, activate hints, and purchase items in the market.

Tool Upgrades

Are you missing a certain color to make that drawing perfect? Take those tool cards to your Inventory and upgrade your tools! You'll gain access to new colors and strokes, and you'll finally be able to color that sun yellow.

The Champions

Please, don’t judge a book by its cover! These unexpected Champions have managed to escape every history encyclopedia. Admire their moves on the field and don’t forget to train them so they can level up. Don’t miss out!


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